02 November 2013


hi cuties,

at this time, i'm all in for all kind of interior and decor stuff. i just feel like i missed out on my inner calling to become an interior architect ;) actually i'm impassioned with quite a lot things: social media, music, designing, decorating, organizing/planning, travelling, writing just to name a few. well, with being a clerk i obviously chose the wrong occupation to live it up, huh?!

enough of the rambling, this post is about walls. not just some kind of wall, but the walls in my room. white, plain walls (seen on my instagram). the reason why is simple: i am afraid of holes. okay now this post's getting weird in so many ways. strictly speaking, i don't like to fill up the holes in the walls when moving out or even just redecorating. hang up a picture, a shelve, whatever it is, it will damage the wall. but who would i be telling you all this crap if i hadn't a simply solution which works perfectly, at least for me. the ordinary way sometime is the better: i printed some of my favorite instagram photos i took on 120gr white paper, cut them in the typical 15x15 shape, added some double-sided tape (scotch does it too) and pressed it on the wall for 3 sec. voilà!

there is no better way than posting the picture of your selfmade instawall on instagram ;)

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