11 November 2013

a summer dress in fall

hi lovies,

i recently came across the thought that i actually own quite a lot of clothes. we all know the kinda problem with those clothes right? many in the closet but gosh, what am i gonna wear? it just seems as if i don't have anything i would like to wear. oh yeah, there was this pretty sweater i saw at the h&m store and oh, there were those great jeans on the mannequin at mango's. and then, girls, then we go buy that sh*t, we would wear it maybe two times and guess what, a few month later we will find it in our closet when looking for the OOTD and yes, we won't consider wearing it, because there really isn't anything we'd like to wear from it. 
so i decided to change that immediately and put on that pretty red summer dress i last wore about a year ago and paired it with my oversized grey sweater and black tights. how do you guys like it?

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