03 Mai 2012

Redondo Beach

Yesterday I went to school by foot even though it was drizzling. I really enjoy every day here in Redondo Beach and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to stay here for 6 months. Actually, I post a lot about beauty, lifestyle or fashion but for these few months I would like to focus on my personal life here. I hope you don't mind ;) I promise to do some regular stuff too!

Please let me know if you would like to see some special posts here. You can send me to some special places and I'll take some pictures for you =)


  1. What an amazing place! You've captured it so well. Lucky thing. X

  2. You live in such an awesome place! Great photos!


  3. great photos, that car is amazing...love!
    following you :)

  4. Oh i love the pictures..so beautiful..i wanna go there.:/

    The Electric Heart Girl

    Visit my page


  5. oh gosh, all of these palm trees are making me happy! such beautiful images!
    xo TJ


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