31 Mai 2012

Favorite Of The Month: Jennifer Humphrey

I'm so sorry that I skiped the Favorite Of The Month March and April 2012 posts! I was really busy with my plans for California and all the things I had to do for my last month at my job. Hope you don't mind...

The more I look forward to present you the Favorite Of The Month May 2012 Jennifer Humphrey! She's the beautiful face behind the blog a go-go, which she released in July 2010. Jen is a model, living in Los Angeles, CA. She looks totally adorable in every single picture! I fell in love with her style since I stopped by at her blog for the first time. If you think the same way as I do, follow her on:

PS: I love the music on her blog! Nice gadget ;)

Images via aGoGo

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