30 April 2012

San Diego Roadtrip

Hi lovebugs,

It's pretty hard to find the time to blog these days. I'm almost never at home and my laptop already told me he feels neglected ;)

A friend and I did a little roadtrip to San Diego from Thursday to Sunday. It was AWESOME! We went out for clubbing every night (Ivy, Stingaree,Fluux) and it was so much fun. the rooftops of the clubs are amazing. San Diego nightlife is great and I wish I could have stayed longer. We also visited Coronado and Mission Bay. Such beautiful places. I'm so lucky to be here in Califonia and it's hard to believe that this is my new home until December. 

I would love to visit Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Malibu, Santa Barbara and San Francisco.. Do you guys know some good restaurants, clubs, hotels (Las Vegas) and beaches?

How was your weekend?

Photos taken by iPhone


  1. Beautiful photos- I like them a lot! X

  2. I have been to San Diego, I loved it too! Not many bugs or bees there :)

  3. I love San Diego, haven't checked out the downtown nightlife yet though! definitely a must the next time I come down there!
    When it comes to Vegas I can only recommend the Mariott Grand Château Hotel. We were there in March, we had a huuge suite for 6 people it was really nice, they also had a cool pool on the rooftop and it was almost right next to the strip, the bellagio was only a stone's throw away. And we paid like $70 each for the whole weekend (two nights). We once had dinner at the paris las vegas in their outside restaurant, I just forgot the name of it, bon ami or something like that maybe. It was really nice and you can eat outside on their terrace watching the fantastic Bellagio fountains from the other side of the strip while eating. Wasn't really expensive either ;-) As for the clubs, we went to the bank nightclub which is inside the bellagio, and XS, which is the Wynn & Encore's nightclub. I can only recommend the both of them, we had some amazing nights there! Hope that's any help! Vegas is f***ing awesome! :D
    Which of the clubs in San Diego did you like best? I'm going to visit a friend there in a couple of weeks again and I definitely wanna check out some rooftop bars or clubs!

    1. San Diego's nightlife is awesome and I really love the clubs (Ivy, Stingaree and Fluux) I mentioned above (check out the links). But my friend who stayed in San Diego for a few months put us on the guestlist, that's why we haven't to pay for the entry. Unfortunately, I don't know where or how she did it. I also recommend to visit Coronado. It's a beautiful island and the beach there is so nice!
      Thank you so much for your recommendations for vegas! I think I going to visit it in July or August. In between, I may come to visit Isla Vista ;)


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