15 Mai 2012

Everybody Comes To Hollywood...

Hi friends,

I did a little Hollywood trip over the weekend and it was awesome! Even if I already visited Hollywood with my school, this was a new experience for me. On Saturday we visited the Walk of Fame and had lunch at Café Aubrey. Since I've never been in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the visit was a must. It was pretty cool but I don't have to go another time.. We also went to the Hollywood sign. The view is beautiful and took about a hundred photos ;) In the evening, we went out to the Avalon club. It was ok, but I really hope there are some cooler clubs here in LA too. 
On Sunday we spent the day on the Rodeo Drive. It's a beautiful promenade but I can't affort to buy something there - I'm a student now. Too bad! Anyways, the weekend was awesome but I really have to go for a nap now...

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  1. WOW those pics made my day , amazing!!!

    Don't forget to visit my blog in ur spare time and follow if you like it, then ofc I'll do the same with yours!


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