19 Juli 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Long Beach

May 1, 2015
Almost wrote April 31, 2015 on that one xD

As I mentioned in this post, my friend recommended going Hydro-Biking when we’re in Long Beach which is exactly what we did. It was kinda scary at first but after a few minutes we’ve got the drill and biked/paddles our way over the Pacific Ocean. Naples is a lovely area and the people are super nice and even waved at us passing by their houses! I know it might seem easy when you look at the pictures but guys, hydro-biking is a serious workout! My legs got all shaky when I hit land again. This was seriously the funniest thing we did on this trip! I wish we had those in Switzerland too, so we could bike on the lakes J

We strolled around Long Beach and stopped for some refreshing drinks every now and then. We hung out on the beach for a while and then headed to our place for the night. Ashley’s apartment is lovely decorated and her dog Rudder is well trained and showed us some tricks.

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