16 Juli 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // PCH

April 30, 2015
Once again we packed our stuff and made our way up the Pacific Coast Highway. There is nothing else that makes me as happy as the sun shining on my skin, the salty air in my nose and the mesmerizing sound of the ocean! That’s why I love driving along the Californian coast. That’s what life is about!

We stopped in San Clemente to watch the surfers for a little while, and then continued driving north to Laguna Beach. I can’t really tell why but Laguna Beach always gets me. It might be the rough cliffs, the soft sand and the boho vibes. We had lunch with a view at the Rooftop bar, one of my favorite places in Laguna.

We made it to Newport Beach just for sunset and this one was the most beautiful I have ever seen! The colors were intense and I think I took like 30 pictures – and every single one was perfection (not referring to my photography skills but you couldn’t do wrong with this subject)!

little selfie situation going on here.. xD you can tell I'm not good at this at all

We fell happily asleep in our super comfortable bed at Peter’s that night.

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