05 Juni 2014

team paez

some of you might have seen my new espadrilles on instagram (@nissybunique), and for those who haven't i'd like to share it once again with some more details attached. i was looking for comfy and stylish shoes for spring/summer for quite some time, but when i visited barcelona in april and layed my eyes on these espadrilles i new i have finally found them! not only are they available in lots of cute patterns (check out those!) but they also make you feel like walking on candy cotton! i've been wearing them almost every day ever since i bought them and never had one blister or sweaty feet. beside they're cool look they also are perfect for long strolls through the city or beach days as they are very light.

i went with a ordinary color since i like to wear them a lot and they really go with everything.

what are you? team toms or team paez?

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