14 Juli 2014

kiehl's lip balm

i could eat that whole thing. 
seriousely. i know i'm not supposed to eat it, but i could! mango is one of those fruits i wouldn't eat "raw". however, i love smoothies, shower gels, lotions and everything else that smells of mangos. this little tube just made it on my top ten list of my current favorite things (next to the miss dior blooming bouquet perfume and these & these paez espadrilles)last week and i wouldn't want to live without it! the kiehl's lip balm in mango is amazballs!! i usually am not a fan of this glossy look since it's too sticky, but this lip balm totally convinced me with its light glow and the smoothing effect. honestly, i have to remind myself not to lick my lips all the time while wearing it.

if you aren't a kiehl's fan yet you definitely gonna turn into one after trying their lip balms..

*i am not getting paid for writing about this product. i only blog about products i love so much that i want to share them with you guys.


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  3. Oooh, ich hab schon so viel gutes über den gehört!!
    Leider ist da ein Wirkstoff drin auf den ich total allergisch bin :(
    Liebe Grüße, Vicky


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