31 März 2013

tell nissy

hi cuties,

how are you today? do you enjoy the easter weekend?
well, i acutally thought i would go somewhere cool or do some outdoor stuff with my friends, but since the weather is going crazy (lots of snow, rain, wind and all that not so spring at all) nothing's gonna happen. ok, not really, i'm watching tv, eating candy, getting fat. that's something right? 

lately i don't feel so good about myself. i'm kinda lazy, feeling depressed and ugly (got some huge bad looking blisters in and round my mouth). i need some action in my life and i hope to get that when my soon-to-be-roomie ally is back from her vacation ;) until then, i'm glad i met some super cool people from all over the world through my blog nissygoescalifornia. i love chatting with them and help them to sort some things out. i actually really think i'm good at it. with this i mean: talking to strangers, give them advise or just listening to what they have to say.

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