24 März 2013

moving on & out


since i got a job, a car and everything else (haha not quite) i decided to move out. currently, i live in my parents' farmer house in a rural area of berne, switzerland. i love the life here and of course my family too. the fact that my grandparents live right next to us is great (they are over 85 years old) and i enjoy every moment i have with them. during my stay in california i grew up though, i need some space; a place of my own. for those who don't know me that well i'm a scaredy-pants! seriousely, i can't watch a horror movie alone and the darkness isn't my friend neither. lucky me, i have a super cool (female) friend who's gonna be my roomie hopefully very soon =)

we're looking for apartments now and i hope we'll find a cute affordable place in the city center =)

stay tuned for more news about the "moving on & out"- project ;)

in the meantime here are snapshots of my room:

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