16 März 2013

the old new me


this is my first post ever since i took a break from the blog and it's also the first in 2013. it's a new year, the year i'll start my life. i got back from california about 3 month ago and unexpectedly i kinda fell back into my old routine, my old me which isn't really a good thing. the nissy from early 2012 is stubborn, introvert, boring and not at all how I feel inside and how i want to be. anyway, 2013 is going to be different. i am going to be different. not now, not in a week, but at the end of this year - i'm going to be different.

i looked for a job, nothing special but something that keeps me on track and alive. somehow I actually managed to get a one which i started march 1rst. i really didn't know what to do with myself until then. i was reading, listening to music, taking care of my grandparents, thinking about life now and then, getting all sentimental, catching up with friends, and waiting for my new life to start.

oh my god, i acutally bore myself with this crappy stuff i wrote! but hey, i decided this blog to be a place where i write about all that crap i have in mind. it's not going to be all about my craziness (or let's call it "nissyness"), though, it's going to be about all that matters to me, and fashion, decoration, music, movies and lots of other stuff i can't think of now.

so i hope you're going to stop by every once in a while and leave comments full of critic, thoughts and maybe some loving words as well.

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