13 Dezember 2011

Lady Like

I've been looking for it for so long and now finally found the perfect eyeshadow . My blue-gray-green eyes got a totally good effect even with the glasses. I used to wear it like Kristina of Kayture. Check out her video here.
The blush is creamy and quiet. I've never used blush before but i like it a lot. The face can look so much more graceful with it.

It isn't really easy to do the make-up, if you're wearing glasses. As soon as you wear them, you almost don't see that I'm wearing make-up. That's why I put on the make up very striking and strong, that's the way it comes to assert.

Creme Blush - Astor | Eyeshadow - Maybelline

So weird! Misty Jade looks more like a bluesomething in the bottle. But check out the Insta-pic. Isn't it a wunderful color on nails? I was pleasantly surprised =)

Nail Polish "Misty Jade" - Rimmel


  1. fierce color! I'm not sure if I could wear it on winter, but I looove it


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