11 Januar 2012

Coachella & Some Big News

Although it's still a little early, I would like to tell you some big news! But first things first.
I've told you last year about the Coachella Festival in California here and here. The insane 2012 lineup was released yesterday. 

Because I'll fly to California in mid-April, I'm super sad that I'll can't be there. Yes, I'll be in California - for the first time! BUT I won't spend my holidays there, I'm going to stay there for nine months! How cool is that?? 
(Don't worry, I'll tell you the details later)

Unfortunately I don't know yet when I got my fly, but the provisional date coincides with the Coachella Festival. So if I don't take the jet, fly with light speed over to Indio and landing there with my parachute, I'll miss it

Have you ever visited the festival? I'm so excited to post some videos and pictures of the Festival!

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