07 Februar 2012

California Dreams

Hi lovies!

How are you doing?
I already told you here and here about my stay in California. But now, it's time for some details. I'm saving for four years now to finally realize my dream of a long stay in California

I fly to California for nine months in mid-April. All alone. I'll do an academic year and living with a host family. So excited! I've already received some information about them and they seems to be pretty nice
I'm looking forward to the mild weather and the people I'll meet there. I'm counting the days (there are just 64 left)! Maybe I'll even meet a couple of my blogger friends. Wouldn't that be super cool? (email me, if you're in the LA area and you've got a little spare time you like to spend with me ;)

Do you have some suggestions where I absolutely have to go or what I have to see? Restaurants, clubs, shops, beaches, other places etc.

I'll live in this area, but love to discover all of the beautiful places..
(I've already planned a trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami) 

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