01 September 2011

Favorite Of The Month: August 2011

Hi love bugs! The Favorite Of The Month August 2011 is Krystal Simpson. I just discovered her blog a few days ago and like her style a lot. I've never seen a person with this kind of style in the blogosphere, that's why she's the favorite of August. Read more about Krystal here:

Krystal Simpson is a writer, model, host, and DJ from Salinas, California. First published at the age of twelve, her written works span from local newspapers to Rolling Stone Magazine for the MTV documentary series "I'm From Rolling Stone." During that same period Simpson appeared in an ad-campaign for Ford Motors. Simpson, also an award-winning poet, has served as the Editor of The Homestead Review, and is the Editor at Large for Ping Pong. Simpson is currently lead vocalist of The Little Feather Band, also contributing harmonica, piano, saxophone, and percussion. Krystal was one of the celebrity guest-DJ’s for UNICEF Tap Project Radio that aired in March 2010. Simpson also recently designed a signature handbag with the American leather goods company Coach that was released in June 2010, and also collaborated with Quiksilver to design asignature jean for the brand. She most recently designed a tee shirt for Wiloh Ecosocial Apparel. Simpson's personal style is showcased in the 2010 book Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo, and also in the new StyleLikeU book. Krystal has also been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, US Weekly, LA Times, Elle Magazine, Elle Spain, Nylon, Nylon Japan, Women’s Wear Daily, Purple Diary, Refinery 29, Who What Wear, Paper Planes, The New Tough, American Apparel magazine, In-Style Magazine Germany, Stylelikeu.com, Black Book, Ginza Magazine Japan, Public Magazine France, Style Caster, Vamped, and Forever 21Magazine. Simpson currently resides on the coast of California.

Looks by Krystal Simpson

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