16 September 2011


This week I did a little shopping and I found a super cute skirt. and a bag with the perfect size for me. The scarf I'm going to need next week because it will be super cold. Check out my goodies below =)

Skirt, Top, Bag and Scarf by H&M (Watch by Swatch)


  1. Yeah i love sjopping also, and i am in love with the scarf,yay! :)


  2. Thank you sooo much for your comment =) the scarf is suuuper long and cuddly, I love it! Just checked out your blog and I love the photos (and the moustache post ;)) I'm your new follower on bloglovin! XOXO Nissy

  3. Great goodies. Like your blog and follow.
    Check out mine: agatas-moda.blogspot.com
    (Thank you for help - I add translator)

  4. Hi sweetheart! Thank you sooo much for the follow! I follow you too =) the translator works great! Xoxo Nissy


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