24 September 2011

Bad Days

Maybe you've read my tweet on Twitter already. The luck has left me for a couple days! First, the train had technical problems, then I'm almost lost in work and my bike was made broken ​​by some idiots. When I got up on friday morning and wanted to put on my glasses, I need to find (to make matters still worse) that my glasses are broken. Only a week ago I've had using new glasses. What a bummer! I was already very late and I need as quickly as possible to get ready for work. Good thing I finally dared to contact lenses and had a pair at home.

I immediately contacted my optician and explained my situation. Unfortunately, my glasses frame is no longer available and I have to choose new glasses (which is not necessarily a bad thing ;)). But it costs a lot, because of the glasses (I'm nearly blind..). I can pick up new glasses even until the middle of next week. So I ordered some lenses which I should get today. Unfortunately, I'm unable and almost didn't bring those things out of my eyes in the evening.

uff, it can only get better.. Happy weekend ;)


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