08 Februar 2015

Youtube Favorites - German Speaking

I know that's a rather weird categorie since I devided the other youtubers in countries....whatevs xD

you guys might know that I'm from switzerland and therefore I speak swiss-german. I would also text my friends in swiss-german which is super cool cause we don't have no grammer rules xD so basically you would spell the words however you like and the receiver still knows what your talking about - awesome, isn't it?! at the office, though, we write letter and all the other docs in german. It's like we have a secret language and not even the US gouvernment could spy on us (e.g. our phone calls) cause they wouldn't understand a word, ha! no offense my dear american people, I love you anyway!;)

What was I going to say in this post anyway? oh, sure, german speaking youtubers!

Even though I love the english language, I also enjoy listening to german speaker! Especially when they have an accent like I do (shout out to my austrian friends)! it's so adorable! (I don't find it adorable when I talk with an accent since I sound like a boor xD)

enough said, let's move on to what you waited for:

maddie's my all time favorite. I've been reading her blog ever since she launch it in 2010 and now that she's on youtube I like her even more. most of all cause she's so smart and witty! she talks about very serious topics but isn't afraid to upload videos like this. beside her talent as a writer and amazing photographer she also loves pets and added a new member to her family by adopting #malathedog. Cuteness overload!

Nisi and Desi are twin sisters and I absolutely love their youtube channel! the quality of their videos is uh-mazing! wether you do understand german or not, go check out their channel now! they are pure eye candy, I promise! and if you do understand then you're going to see that they are way more than good looking! both of them are well educated and the content of the videos is substantial! amazingness is coming your way....

if you're looking for hair inspiration you definitely need to check out anna's "frisuren freitag" videos. she's super good with hairstyle and I don't know where I would get the ideas from if it weren't for her.

I just recently stumbled across nilam's channel. I love the "australiyeah" series but didn't have the time to watch her other videos.

leonie and lena are adorble! it kinda feels like they're my little sisters, even though I'm not even sure I'm older.. i loved the vlogs when lena was in paris and leo in sevilla. and even if they stayed in different countries I still felt that they were connected and not at all separated hundreds of kilometers.

I also like madamtamtam and thedailydose

So that's it for my little youtube series. Unfortunately, I don't know any from other countries e.g. australia yet, but I'll let you know if I do know some - or you let me know if you do, okay?

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