15 Februar 2015

Home Alone

I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22 I love those days where I'm home alone and really can do whatever I want without feeling stupid, childish or judged :) You'll find my litte dairy right here:

I woke up like this, flawless (-beyonce)
I like sleeping in but when I'm alone I would set my alarm at 9am, so I get more than only half a day out of it. In summer though, I don't even have to set an alarm because the sun would tickle my nose at around the same time. That's just the best way to start your day, really!

Singing in the shower, dancing in the mirror (-becky g)
First of all, I like to take a steaming hot shower for at least one hour. You know, put on a hair mask, face mask, do all the shaving, even wash that part between your - no, not what you think dirty bastard - toes, remove that scarf-skin and sing as loud as you can during this whole procedure because that's what relaxes you the most. It's better than any therapy I promise!

I'm just a girl (-no doubt)
I refuse to wear proper clothes for the whole day. Even though I think that there are a few pounds too much at the wrong body parts, I love running around in underwear or just a sweater and socks on colder days. I would cook myself a good meal and watch some youtube videos while eating. 

Hey now, your an all star, get your game on, go play (-smash mouth)
I never told this anyone before, but I love to watch soccer or basketball games when I'm home alone. It's not that I could remember the players name or whatever but I find it very interesting and totally whoop for "my" team xD I usually also like to drink a cold beer while doing so but since I'm taking medication - nothing serious though - I'm not allowed to drink alcohol for the next half a year. Cheers to that - oh no wait...

Anyone can play guitar (-radiohead)
From 4th to 9th grade I played the guitar - mostly latin - and I gotta say I was surprisingly good at it! Unfortunately, I stopped playing and now after about 9 years I would have to start all over again. However, I sometimes get out polly - that's how I named my guitar - and try to teach myself some songs using youtube tutorials. I suck big time but no one's listening so..whatevs ;)

About time to let all this go (-ben howard)
Sometimes I also try to do a handstand on the wall. Seriousely, my arms are pure jell-O! I collapse every single time..poor neighbor down stairs..xD What's this all about? I'm acutally trying to tell you that I'm very much into pilates and yoga. I love how stretchy and at ease I feel afterwards. oooommmmm....

Must be the music (-de la soul)
I would also just listen to every kind of music, laying on my bed and just day dream for hours. I'm acutally day dreaming a lot - I always have. Even as a kid you could talk to me and I would be totally lost in my thoughts. But funnily it only happens when I'm listening to music, so that's exactly what I would do at days like these...aaaaaaand I'm off..

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