01 Februar 2015

YouTube Favorites - American Babes

let's go on with those youtube series, shall we?!

there are some many of them but listed below are my favorite american youtubers. I know there are lots of beauty related channels so far but that's just what I like and what I watch most. Please feel free to leave your recommendation in the comment section below. I would love to know what you guys are into!

let's move on to the babes:

jenn's edgy / boho style is pure inspiration and so refreshing! I could listen to her all day long since I simply love the way she talks. if I would have to describe california the first thing that came to my mind would be "jenn". for me, jen equals california. She also is very funny and real, so don't miss out on this and check out her channel!

claire marshall
she definitely knows her stuff! I love her make-up tutorials and her cat bruce ;) claire puts a lot of work into the editing as you can so on the quality of her lookbooks. amaaaaazing!

she's lively and cute. lana's videos make me feel like I am sitting in her bedroom and just have a nice girls talk with her. she has some other channels too but since I don't speak any spanish - what a shame, gotta put that on my to do list - it's hard to follow along.

rachel nguyen
I find that rachel is out of the box - in a good way! rachel's not at all like anyone else and that's why I can't wait for the next uploaded vid. such a unique person!

heart is super lovely and girly. she doesn't mind filming in her onesie or capture even the bad days which really, we all have now and then, don't we?! her bf arnold is a sweetheart and I'm sure we all agree on this as you watch her vlogs.

ingrid nilsen
ingrid, better known as missglamorazzi, lives in california (as well as all the other youtubers mentioned in this post so far - pure coincidence, I swear). her apartment is soooo cool, I would move in right away!

nicole guerriero
Go florida!!! haha she's the loner in my little list but not at all less awesome or anything like that! gosh, this girl can talk a lot in a little time ;) and that's what I love about nicole. she totally reminds me of a friends of mine! I honestly have to say that I personally wouldn't wear my make-up like she does but that's only because I'm not badass enough...

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