23 Januar 2014

new year, new look

hi lovies,

as it's a new year and there are new chances, new opportunities and new things to try. 
i already made some visual changes like getting my hair cut (-10cm) and wearing new glasses. I also did some research on beauty products to get rid of my (pubertal??!!) pimples and decided on dr. hauschka. the products are organic, which i find great! to put less chemicals in my face has to be a good thing, right?! you can find details on how to apply the products to your skin and what incredients are used HERE and in the video below.

i started off with the cleansing cream and even though i had to get used to the applying technique i feel like i can see how my skin is changing already. however, a beauty products don't work by themselves, which is why i started eating less sweets and i drink at least 2 liters a day (the water bottles became my best friend, you should get yours too)!

let's see how this is going to turn out!

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