20 Januar 2014

feverish dreams of pillow cases

hi lovies

it's been a while, huh?! this is my first post in 2014 and yes i actually do know that the first month's already pass...
i've been busy being sick and working my not-so-big-anymore butt off. when i was forced to stay at home because of some badass fever, i had this crazy idea of becoming a pillow designer. i know, i know sounds like i had quite some feverish dreams ;) seriously though, i would love to print my ideas on fabric! obviously, everyone owns at least two pillows (one for the bed, one for the couch? ;)) so why not posh them up a bit?
of course i did some research and i know there are already online shops which sell the exactly same idea but it's pretty hard to find one with a ".ch" (switzerland) address. most of the time i would pay horrifying costoms dues when ordering online - i'm sure my swiss friends know what i'm talking about!

anyway, i found this reeeeeally cool online shop which is called society 6 and this is exactly how i would do it too (if i would realize this spontanious idea)! i truly love everything about it! they even have tote bags (i'm such a fan of those!!) and all kinda cases (mac, iphone, ipad..you know, all those electroic devices we can not live without anymore) - amazballs!! check out my favorite pillow case design here:


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