24 Januar 2014


hi lovies,

sometimes, when i'm reading or hearing lots of good stuff about something i kinda tend to fall for it... it's not with everything but if i'm craving something for a long time and there comes this one product/thing that gets hyped, i'm one of those people who would like it more day by day. it's not that i wouldn't have my own opinion on things but i like to think that people are actually telling the truth. so if they like something and i kinda relate to them i would get it for myself and built my own opinion on it. this went pretty well so far, or at least i couldn't think of anything i in the end, didn't like at all.

what i'm talking about? - the panasonic lumix gm1!

i own a nikon d1500 and i'm happy with her (i call her "nikki"). it's just that she's big and heavy (that's what every girl likes to be call, isn't it? xD). anyway, i thought of buying a smaller one for a while now and even though the lumix gm1 got my attention - which isn't only for her beautiful vintage look - i didn't get around buying her (or just one in general). one day i'm like "okay let's go get one now" and the other i'm all pussing out....i mean, it's still a lot of money to spend, right?!


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