13 Juli 2013

home grown

hi there,

the first days when ally and i moved into our new apartment were quite an experience as we live in the 4th floor!! when we moved all the stuff and figured out where to put everything we decided to add some "nature". even though my dad says flowers and plants won't survive with me in charge (how sassy he is ;)), ally and i went to the garden center to get some. well dad, after more than a month they are still very alive, blossoming and not so long ago i discovered that our tomato plants even sprout! can't wait to pick home grown, red, juicy tomatoes! 

we're planning on buying some more plants in the not too distant future.

citing my dad: "not even a cactus will survive"

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  1. Aww lovely plants and flowers, I love the pink ones! I wouldn't have all the patience you had lol i'm too lazy lol
    Chek out my new look: http://lavieenvintagefb.blogspot.it/2013/07/1-look-of-get-tribal.html :) xx


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