09 Juli 2013

the packing & me

hi love birds

surprisingly my boss sent me on vacation much earlier than i planned. i worked like crazy the last past month so i actually kinda deserve this ;) 

since i'm going on a short trip to london with EF which is the organisation i also went to california for 9 month i'm enjoying to have some time for things such as doing the laundry, cleaning the apartment which was a necessity after the house warming last weekend (read about it here and here) and meeting up with friends for some drinks! i started the packing today and have to confess...i'm a horrible packer! not only do i want to take my whole closet with me but also do i always forget to take the most important things with me. 

e.g. i would go to bali without a bikini, to austria (in winter) without my snowboard or to california (for 9 month) without the charger for my now dead hp laptop (RIP my friend). I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on...

so i started to write lists about 1 month before leaving which is great because i can write down things that crossed my mind right away and don't have to think of it while packing. I would take the list, placing it next to my suitcase and pack exactly what on that list. unfortunately, i often think i would need 3 pants, 1 skirt, 1 dress and two shorts for a two-days-trip.. 
well, i am trying to change this right now. this is what makes it into the suitcase:

1 pair of pants

the maxi dress
the denim jacket
3 shirts
1 sweater & 1 cardigan

what do you think? too much for 2 days? 

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