03 Juli 2013

house warming

hi lovies

these weeks have been busy but the end is in sign - thank god! that's why ally and i thought now would be a good time to finally throw our house (aka 3 room apartment) warming party this friday. it's been a month since we moved in and we kinda weaseled ourself out of this event so far. when it got weird meeting our neighbors in the hallway and we had (or took) the time to talk about it we set the date and created a poster which we placed in the entry hall of the building. 

although, none of us ever threw a house warming party! HELP! 

what are the main things to consider? what do we serve? what are we going to talk about? 

no doubt we know how to do that with our friends, though neighbors are a totally different species ;)

thanks for your suggestions, advices and help! 

this of course doesn't mean i'm not going to primp myself for the party ;)


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