22 Juni 2013

the support, the nice words, the love

hi sweethearts,

these weeks in june had been crazy and there's no change in sight. i'm working like a 11 hours a day and there is simply nothing i'd like to do better than falling into my bed and sleep. it's like the days passing by without me noticing and that's kinda sad because the weather turned out to finally realizing that it acutally is summer! thanks to ally who is super supportive i didn't just locked me up in my room but enjoyed nice (and late) dinners, foot bads and refreshing facial masques. i'm so lucky to have her and all my other friends and family who are understanding and thoughtful even when i'm an annoying a pain in the ass ;)

thank you so much for being there, always!

okay, my family actually doesn't really have a choice ;) lol

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