11 Juni 2013

the list

hi love bugs,

the life as an independent, young, dynamic woman is beautiful, exciting and lovely! i enjoy the freedom of doing whatever pleases me. then there is my super cool roomie, ally. she's funny, caring, such a cheerful soul. BUT we really have to get used to live together... we just can't stop asking for something the other bought. it's like "ally can i have some of the cream cheese?", "sure! what's mine is yours too" then "nissy, do you mind me using your hair dryer?", "of course not. do and use whatever you want and need". i could go on forever. so we decided to start the list.
every time one of us ask for something, the one gets a point. we didn't decide what we do when we hit the 10 mark but we may have to think about it fast because ally has the lead ;) haha

do you have any suggestions for a gentle "punishment"?


1 Kommentar:

  1. The person who gets to the mark 10 first, has to survive a week without those items or the mst basic option is that the "winner" takes the other one to restaurant. ;) xx

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