19 Juni 2013

offline and on the line

hi lovies,

unfortunately the wifi said goodbye after only 4 days of working properly. that’s why ally and i called the helpline which wasn’t helpful at all. the first guy had no idea of anything at all and passed us to a woman who didn’t listen and thought we had problems with the tv (which works perfectly fine) then passed us to the next guy when she finally understood that the problem concerns the wifi. the second guy told us what we already new namely the neighbor’s wifi’s working, ours is offline and the all the connecting cables are alright. even though the 1 hour phone conversation was for nothing, ally and i stayed polite and calm which made us kind of proud since we really were pissed off ;)

well, we’re online now and i want to share our super improvised clothes drying line (no idea how to name it otherwise;)) we came up with this solution because the clothes just won’t dry in the laundry room downstairs. our apartment smells heavenly fresh and clean now (we have to keep the windows open 24/7 though).

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