14 Februar 2017

Valentine's Day

L O V E can change the world!

On Valentine’s Day most people buy flowers, ginger hearts, cute little necklaces etc. and give them to their loved ones. There is nothing bad or wrong doing so, but imagine that you don’t know where your loved one are or you know that you will never see them again. This has happened to hundreds of refugees in the past years and even though the media does not report about them as often anymore, there are still people leaving their home without knowing where they are going and if they will find their family members again. With that in mind, I decided to not go for the usual kind of Valentine’s Day post this year, there are plenty of those on other blogs and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading those too, but I want to give some love to those who need it more.

A friend of mine spent most of her time last year in Greece where she volunteered and helped building a school and a community center for refugees. I know how much hope and love and a feeling of “home” she and other volunteers give to them throughout the year.

Money can’t buy love – but it helps to support those who put their heart into something that makes an impact.

If you don’t have a Valentine or you simply want to give some love to another human being, then you know what to do. Even a little can go a long way.
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Happy Valentine’s Day! And do not forget: YOU ARE LOVED!

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