06 April 2013

sick as a dog

hi there,

so sorry for not posting since tuesday. i didn't feel well lately and now i'm laying in bed with the flu. i really thought this whole "positive thinking" thing would help, but it seems as if i'm not that good at it. so i'm wearing my pajama all day long, drinking tea, watching tv, feeling and looking awful. i actually got this huge, gross fiver blister sitting on my under lip and i'm pretty damn sure you could see it from space. 
but i'm not the only one who isn't feeling well our puppy is sick too. he got this tick bite and now has fever and swollen eyes and throat. my mom went to see the vet because we were so scared that it could be something dangerous. luckily, it's "just" an infection and he will get better soon. and so am i.

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