18 April 2013

all about being h-o-m-e

hi there,

i'm so sorry for being such a flaky blogger.. i've been working all week  and been very busy with apartment hunting. ally and i are kinda enjoying it to see so many apts and already thought of doing this as a hobby ;) but of course we'd go visiting some fancy 5'000$ city apartments in a pre WWII tenement with a nice view and huge rooftop and not only those for 1'500-2'000$.

something totally different:
the pup is as good as cured and he became an uncle! well, it may sounds weird to you but our pets are family to us and and since our cat gave birth to 2 super cute kitten this week we all are more than a even bigger happy family. Iim gonna show you some pics next week because now they have to get comfortable at their home first.

an apartment we visited

the proud mom

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