10 April 2013

Gallery Wall

hi love bugs,

so i'm on the mend and out of bed. how are you doing? 
the best news these days is that ally's back from her vacation and we're going meeting up tomorrow. of course i want to know everything that happened in this two weeks AND we're going to talk about the apartment hunting - yaaayyy! well i actually hope it's not only about talking about it but deciding on some dates to view some apartments. 
anyways, there's not so much going on right now in my life that's why i spend about 3 hours a day on pinterest. now you think "whaaaaaat?" but seriousely have you been on pinterest? it's incredible! on this page is everything pictured you could possibly need (or not) in your life! i found some great inspiration on decorating and am planning to include a gallery wall in the entry. ally doesn't know about that yet but i'm pretty sure she'll like it;) what do you think of these black and white sayings & pictures below? imagine them in black frames on a white wall.

via Pinterest

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