20 April 2012

First Days In California

Hi lovies

I'm arrived in California 8 days ago. There was a lot of rain at the beginning but now the weather is pretty good. I'm staying in a hostfamily in Redondo Beach for about 6 month. I really like them so far and my room is ok. It just takes me about 15 minutes (by feet) to the beach, that's amazing! On Tuesday I was at the Lakers game in the Staples Center. It was awesome!

Actually, I'm already in love with California and I'd like to visit as many places as possible in this 9 month I'll be here. Any suggestion for places (beaches, restaurants ect.) I should visit?

Some first impressions...

Redondo Beach Pier
On my way to school
Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood
The Grove
Los Angels Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs

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