02 Januar 2012

First Post In 2012

New year, new colors ;) Do you like the new design of my blog?
I still have so much news for you. But of course I don't tell you all at once. So be sure to follow my blog via Google Friends Connect (GFC) and/or Bloglovin to be up to date

Since I couldn't decide on an outfit for NYE, I didn't set well with the make up. These are the eye shadows of Manhattan and Maybelline I bought. At the end, I opted for the one of maybelline.

I also wanted to try something new for my hair. I bought a serum from L'ORÉAL. It's wonderful! Acutally I'm a big fan of the products of Kérastase, but I'm pretty happy with this serum. My hair tips are alive and looking so damn good!

I found this cute necklace on H&M. I love the color! The necklace match perfect with my berry blouse.

Unfortunately I haven't a photo of my NYE outfit. Really bad, huh?! I guess I'm not a good blogger... I beg your pardon!

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