27 Dezember 2011

Under The Christmas Tree

Hi lovies,
Did you all had a Merry Christmas?
I've already told you in the previous post how we celebrate Christmas in our home. Today I like to tell you about my favorite presents I've get (of course I'm very pleased about the other presents too).

My mother gave me
200$. Some spending money for next year. By the way, Dollars look quite different from Swiss franc. I have to be careful that I don't use them as scratch paper =P

From my lovely brother I've got two bottles of my favorite perfume Reveal by Halle Berry. I absolutely love this fragrance.
He also surprised me with "A Grape Fit!" by OPI. Yes, he definitely knows his sister ;)
What did you get? Did all your wishes came true?


  1. For a moment, I tot they were monopoly money. :)
    KA CHING...ure $200 richer for the new year.

    Followed you on bloglovin as well.

    Its a pleasure to be supportive of each other's blog.

    xoxo have a great day!


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