24 Dezember 2011

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is a merry time. You're surrounded by people you love. We meet in the afternoon. There are some appetizer, drinks and a lot of fun. The dinner is huge and even if each of us feels as though he would explode any second, we continue to eat till nothing is left.  
The presents are under the christmas tree (this year it's a particularly small one. I don't like christmas trees in our house). They were unpacked in about three minutes (xD) and everybody is happy, pleased and grateful. Not only because of the presents, but also for beeing together. My grandparents are eightysomething and that's why it's super important to enjoy every moment together
Well, after handing out of presents we eat the dessert, although there is no space for a tiny something in our bellies. That sounds as if Christmas with my family is all about eating (it really isn't!) ;)
Oh, I almost forgot the movies! We watch Cinderella, Home Alone or other movies on tv. Yes, we do it every year again.

Holidays means BLOG STOP too. No posts till December 27th (okay mabye 26th ;)).

So what are your plans for Christmas? How is Christmas Eve at your home? Are you at home anyway?

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  1. wünsche dir auch schöne ferien!!
    süßer blog :)
    hättest du vll lust auf geg. folgen?
    kisses, melina

  2. Hi Melina!
    Danke, dass du hier vorbei geschaut hast! Ich würde dein Blog gerne anschauen, leider hast du keinen Link hinterlegt und dein Profil ist nicht öffentlich..

    Merry Christmas!


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