11 Oktober 2011

Shop Till You Drop

I've been waiting a few extra days before I published this post. You shall not think I'm a shoppaholic - my salary is too small anyway ;)But I want no longer deny what I bought at Vero Moda.

  • The shirt was a sale. I just have to buy it ;)
  • The classic pants with the pleats are so cool. I think they're perfect for fall.  

  • The black coat is indeed simple, but just right, if the outfit is already colorful and playful.

The jacket looks a bit bulky if you're not wearing it


    1. So I do! I'm wearing the top today and I don't want to put it off ;)

    2. Oh my goodness stop it! Those pants are to die for! I'm worried you could take my place as a stylist, heheh! I'm jealous of all your goodies. xx mandy



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