01 September 2016

the better option

I’ve been reading Maddies blog dariadaria.com for quite some years now and even though I am far from being vegan or wearing only fair fashion, I have started thinking about the things I’m buying and consuming.  I’m not sure if I could go all in but I think a little still goes along way and it’s better to do something than nothing at all, don’t you agree?

For example, I started washing my hair with products from Lush a while ago. Not all products are vegan but as far as I’m concerned they are doing a great job with fair trading and what I particularly like is that they list the ingredients in a way everyone can understand.  As I mentioned in this post, I am washing my hair only once (during winter) or twice (during summer) a week. I can’t tell you how much time I have to spend on Youtube now instead of washing my hair every other day ;)

See who I like to watch here, here and here

Since I got my acne treaded with Isotretinoin a year ago I try to stay away from chemical creams and serum. I love the brand Aesop. The products might smell funny but work miracles on my skin. At this point I have to admit that they first tricked me with their branding and design but after trying out their stuff I can’t imagine putting anything else on my face. Follow this link for the most hilarious product (that actually works!).

For my body I use only vegan products as for example Lush’s the olive branch and Biokosma’s aloe vera.

Although I am trying to buy “better” products now and do my research beforehand (I like to use codecheck.info), I am not just going to throw all the other products I already own away; I don’t want to waste anything. I’m using them up and then replace them with a better option.

That’s just all about: finding a better option.

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