07 Juli 2016

Sunday Hike / Lauenen

Sundays are highly celebrated in our family. While I used to hate hiking at a young age I know love our Sunday adventures. Most of my friends like to spend the last day of the weekend at home, relaxing and chilling. That’s why I mostly go on hikes with my mom and dad (and of course, #siscothepup, my parents’ Golden Retriever).

This past Sunday we drove through the famous Gstaad on to Lauenen. Most tourists and even Swiss people only walk around the Lauenensee (lake), but seriously, they are missing out! I have never seen so many waterfalls in my life in one place. Now that the snow is melting and the meadows are blooming the view are even more spectacular! We hiked up 700 meters to the Geltenhütte (mountain lodge), enjoyed a cold beverage and made our way down the rather slippery trail (which was caused by heavy rain fall a few days before). The dogs (#siscothepup and one that my parents took care of for the weekend) enjoyed the hike as much as we did. They loved the snow patches and rivers since it was quite hot that day. The hike took us about 5 hours (with breaks for picture taking) and I would rate it a 8/10!

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