06 August 2015

Roadtrip 2015 // Kalalau Trail

May 8, 2015
Even though showers occured every now and then we went off to the Na Pali Coast to hike the Kalalau Trail - well, only 4 miles out of 11. I heard so many good things about this trail that I was overly excited to set foot on it. I have to admit that it was very slippery and you have to watch every little step but we took our time and stopped at the beautiful lookouts. I have never seen such stunning sight and I've been to many tropical places already. I wanted to take pictures of every single plant and record everything my eyes were spoiled with. I wish we had time to hike the whole trail but I'll have to come back with a little more time...
Just look at this you guys and you know why:

A little later that day our hosts set us up with a canoe - or was it a kayak? what's the difference again? - and a rather vague direction to the secret - not so secret - waterfall. I didn't know paddling would be this exhausting but our canoe was kinda vintage and I assume the newer ones go faster with less effort.
I saw about a hundred chicken during our stay, as they are litteraly everywhere! I didn't mind them, not even the roosters as I grew up on a farm but I'm pretty sure the staff at the hotels are making sure the guest won't be bothered by them. Anyway, since we didn't really know where to go, we wandered through the jungle disoriented and hoped we would find our way back to the canoe somehow. After 40min we spotted the waterfall and couldn't wait to take a dip in the cool water.
This Island is such a treasure!

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