12 April 2015

Travel Essentials

We decided not to bring our whole closet to california and rather shop a new one all together ;) So the packing went pretty fast and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I only packed my backpack and a teeny tiny little carry on suitcase! 

In my backpack I'm going to put my new gopro (1) as I want to film some visuals during our trip. My cat wallet (2) of course and some emergency money. I definitely can't leave my swiss passport (3) and my artsy notebook at home! What would I be without them?! - not in california, duh! I never ever leave for a trip without my ricola (4) because my throat always gets very dry and a little sore when flying. Matilda (5), my iPad is my backup and life savior by all means. 
Due to some skin issues I need to carry my eucerina sunscreen (6) with me wherever I go. I get sunburn so easily these days. And last but no least I'll be packing my cosmetic bag (7), which contains my wash lotion, a moisturizer, tooth paste and brush, bobby pins, an invisibobble and my little hair brush (8). And that's about it really.

In my little carry on are lots of underwear, 2 t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, my birkenstock sandals, my DSLR and all the charger thingies. You heard me, nothing more! No make up, no optional clothes, no nothing. Travelling should never have been easier or what do you think?

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