07 April 2015

California Road Trip - The Route

My brother and I are going on a road trip through california.

Some of you might know that I used to study in california for almost a year in 2012. During my stay cali became my second home and totally blew my mind with its beautiful scenery and cool vibes. I never fully recovered from leaving. This is why I cannot wait to get back! I'v got butterflies in my stomach ever since we booked our flights in november.

So we didn't really plan our trip other than booking the flight and our first accommodation in San Francisco. Of course we've already decided on the main stops but other than that we pretty much go wherever we want to and stay for as long as our little hearts desire.

So this is the plan:
A: San Francisco | B: Santa Barbara | H: Los Angeles 
D: Las Vegas, NV | E: Page, AZ | F: Grand Canyon, AZ
G: San Diego | H: Los Angeles | not shown: Hawaii

I won't be blogging live about our trip as it seems to stressful and being stressed out is the last thing I would want to feel on this trip but I'm definitely going to upload tons of pictures afterwards. If you want to see some impressions beforehand, you should just go hit that buttons on the right side bar and follow my social media accounts. I'm kinda new to snapchat and as it happens to be with all the other stuff, it's highly addicting! My username's NissyBunique if your interested :)

I'm going to show you my travel essentials in the next blog post which is going up on sunday, so stay tuned lovies!

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