25 Januar 2015

Youtube Favorites - British Folks

As I mentioned in this post I turned into a huge youtube addict! No day goes by without me watching vlogs, hauls, tags or anything like that. that's why I thought I'd kick this week of with my youtube favorites. Since there are lots of them I'm splitting them into different categories.

let's start with our dear british folks:

fleur is such a lovely girl and her three doggies are sooo adorable! she and her husband mike live in a super nice house with a huge garden, which I find great for the dogs. Fleur's very down to earth, warm-hearted, honest and funny.
I'm very much into her vlogs! She did vlogtober (somewhat of a FMA (follow me around)and vlogmas and I watched all the videos!! oh and don't forget to check out her wedding video it's the best I have ever seen! no kidding!
She and mike (her hubby) also have a cooking channel which I find very cool since I'm instantly in love with people who love food as much as I do. So what not to love about her?!

anna is a what I call a beauty guru. she's way ahead of everyone else on the beauty stuff and she's to blame for my newly discovered beauty/cosmetic product obsession. shame on you anna! ;) I also enjoy reading her blog. She's friends with Lily Pebbles who you might already know since she's a youtuber too. I love that they team up sometimes and make videos together!

zoe is a petite person with lots of super soft and silky hair (at least that what they look like) and is super goofy. I always have a good laugh while watching her videos. she just launch her own
beauty line which is incredible giving she's only 24 years old.

lisa eldridge
master of makeup! lisa seems a bit cold and distant at first but I feel like the more I watch her tutorials the more I like her. she's so professional and hell of a talent (excuse my language). she makes things seems so easy and effortless I can't get enough! oh, and if you like alexa chung - and who wouldn't like her! - you definitely should watch this.

I also love love love funforlouis! Travel vlogs are next to beauty the best!

What are your favorites?

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