11 Januar 2015

Hair Care - Lush

Are you all still in that mood where you're thinking of things you want to change in 2015? I am. I actually already started to change some things  in 2014. What I'm talking about is my hair care routine.  I've been using organic shampoo and conditioner since october 2014. You can really see and feel the difference. I know that Lush still uses sulfates but what really is not good for your hair are silicones and they are staying away from those, which is great. I know we all like this silky feeling when we are running our fingers through our soaking wet hair under the shower but silicones are not doing our hair any good. I'm not a pro but what I learned in the short time I worked as a hairstylist is that our hair cannot breath when it's packed with stuff. So rather than having my hair suffering from breakage I give them..right, a break! As silly as this may sounds to you, I let them be and do whatever they wanted in the first month of using Lush products. They felt and looked funny at first, but now my hair is healthier than ever! I only have to wash them twice a week - okay to be completely honest with you I'm washing them once a week. Isn't that incredible?! And it's not like I'm walking around with greasy hair or anything. They are very soft, silky and healthy and stay nice for days! Of course it depense on the season but for now I'm good with washing them twice a week max. I'm currently using Lush's Big shampoo and the RETREAT conditioner

I love the smell of the sea salt which reminds me of california, where I used to live quite close to the ocean. Although, I found it weird to put sea salt in my hair at first, I fell for it within the second time using it. It deeply cleans your hair from all the dirt and leaves your hair soft and voluminous. 

I apply the creamy, almost milky, conditioner to the length and let the cantaloup work its magic. No need for brushing or combing, really. Your not doing your hair any good if you do so anyway. At least not when it's soaking wet. So stay away from the brush or the comb and get to the other stuff, like washing your body or shaving those legs. After only 2-3 minutes your good to go and clear your hair with lukewarm water. Et voilà, no more tangles in that now shiney and super silky hair, right?!

I also tried Daddy-O and ROOTS but "BIG" still works best for me. During this winter season I couldn't live without The Olive Branch shower gel. Mhh..that stuff smells uh-mazing!!

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