28 April 2014


beside the fact that i eat sweets on the sly i'm trying very very hard to lead a healthy live. no smoking, little alcohol, working out as much as possible (which means 1 day running, 2 days pilates and the rest of the days i'm really good at coming up with excuses why it's not possible to work out xD) and eating healthy. i'm getting "okay" at cooking and i even started preparing meals for myself which wouldn't have come to my mind 6 month ago.

so this is what i cooked last saturday:
asparagus with roasted nuts, rosemary patatoes and chicken breast.

for all those who are eager to know: yup, my pee smelled kinda weird xD i wouldn't recommend eating asparagus on a dinner date when you're planning on having dessert..haha

27 April 2014


additionally to the earrings i also got these twins at forever21. since i couldn't decide on the color i got both of them. yeah, that's probably how i solve most problems of mine... but lovies if you're being honest with yourself, you would have done the exact same thing, wouldn't you?! ;) 

p.s. can you spot me (taking the photo) in the last picture?

26 April 2014

blooming bouquet

i've been craving this scent forever! 
you guys know how fragrances can smell totally different on various people skins, right? i think there are certain perfumes that are simply made for y-o-u and blooming bouquet is definintely me in all ways. i actually got lots of compliments wearing it which i never experienced before in switzerland because most people here aren't as outgoing as in for example california ;)
i got the earrings at forever21 in barcelona and honestly think they go perfectly with the fragrance!

miss dior blooming bouquet fragrance | forever 21 earrings

23 April 2014

22 April 2014

barcelona food guide

i'm pretty sure i gained like 1 or 2 kilos during my stay in barcelona - the tapas were way too good, you know ;) that's why i would like to recommend you my three favorite places to eat. let's start with:

la poma (la rambla 117, 08002 barcelona)
the super cute interior reminds on a country side house but with the wide open space and the window front it looks very modern and inviting. you definitely should try the veggie lasagne and the pizzas.
taller de tapas (comtal 28, via laietana)
i enjoyed the best tapas at this charming place. the waiter was very attentive and the food was prepared fresh and super fast. the portions were big enough and the prize totally okay for what we got for it :)

ocaña (plaça reial 131415, 08002)
this restaurant was the cutest! it's located at plaça reial and the colorful vintage tables and chairs outside caught my attention immediately. since it started raining we went inside for dessert. gosh, you definitely need to taste the carrot cake! pure amazingness! and it gets even better because the interior is so freaking charming! the seats are so comfortable, we didn't recognize the time flying by and sat there for 3 hours!! i know this sounds weird but you gotta use the restrooms....haha..seriousely, such a pretty place xD and you can't say that from a lot other restrooms, right?! you can actually look over plaça reial while washing your hands on the golden sink! How awesome is this?!

16 April 2014

buenos dìas

barcelona was amazballs, lovies! i very much enjoyed to hear spanish all day long it's just such a beautiful language and the tapas - omg the tapas - i'm pretty sure i gained at least one kilo ;) 
my brother and i spayed for one week, which was awesome because we got to see EVERYTHING and did have time for some shopping as well :) i got to admit, that i kinda went crazy in those stores! i spent much more money on clothes than i should have. i even bought two pairs of nikes - like one wouldn't have been enough since i got some at home too....

well but let's talk about that later, shall we?

tomorrow i'm gonna overload this page with photos i took and yeah, i hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i do. there's nothing better than the feeling and memories they evoke.

05 April 2014

I packed my bag and in it I put...

i'm busy packing and unpacking. i'm only gonna take hand luggage with me so this is quite a challenge! i know it's only for one week but don't you wish you could take your whole wardrobe with you? so that's exactely why i'm packing and unpacking. yesterday i started a first attempt, but when i realized that i was barely able to close the suitcase i began to unpack the whole thing again.. the second time my stuff would take up less than half the space which made me kinda nervous. did i forget something? i obviousely did...my cosmetics were still neatly placed on my dresser. therefore, i unpacked to whole suitcase again which made me getting super annoyed with myself. i'm 23 years old, i've been travelling my whole life starting by the age of 3! how on earth could it be so hard for me to pack a teeny tiny suitcase? 
i'm far from giving up though! after all it must be done by tonight ;)

this will hopefully help me getting in the mood...

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