22 April 2014

barcelona food guide

i'm pretty sure i gained like 1 or 2 kilos during my stay in barcelona - the tapas were way too good, you know ;) that's why i would like to recommend you my three favorite places to eat. let's start with:

la poma (la rambla 117, 08002 barcelona)
the super cute interior reminds on a country side house but with the wide open space and the window front it looks very modern and inviting. you definitely should try the veggie lasagne and the pizzas.
taller de tapas (comtal 28, via laietana)
i enjoyed the best tapas at this charming place. the waiter was very attentive and the food was prepared fresh and super fast. the portions were big enough and the prize totally okay for what we got for it :)

ocaña (plaça reial 131415, 08002)
this restaurant was the cutest! it's located at plaça reial and the colorful vintage tables and chairs outside caught my attention immediately. since it started raining we went inside for dessert. gosh, you definitely need to taste the carrot cake! pure amazingness! and it gets even better because the interior is so freaking charming! the seats are so comfortable, we didn't recognize the time flying by and sat there for 3 hours!! i know this sounds weird but you gotta use the restrooms....haha..seriousely, such a pretty place xD and you can't say that from a lot other restrooms, right?! you can actually look over plaça reial while washing your hands on the golden sink! How awesome is this?!

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