24 August 2013

the day

hi love bugs,

i celebrated my birthday on wednesday, 21st of august. well, i actually didn't really celebrate.
this week (and the the week after) are full of 11-hours-working-days. i'm a clerk at the education center of nursing. particularly i'm organizing the student's exams and am the one instructing the students in any kind of exam and supervising the writing parts. on my birthday i sat in a class room full of students telling them the do's and don't's. i didn't see any of my collegues and as i was the first one entering i was the last one leaving the building. this shouldn't sound as bad as it does, i like my job and i'm good at it but it's not something i want to do forever.

anyway, i feel like 23 isn't worth a big party or something and in general i like it more to celebrate any day any time just because i can! ;)

got the huge cup from my roomie and filled it right up with gin lemon ;) cheers

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